About this site

About this site
Photo by Markus Spiske / Unsplash

BitLabs is a community of humans! We are builders and creators that are experimenting and learning on blockchain.

We initially worked on a program for BitClout that pre-launched on March 12, and has reached several amazing milestones:

  • Funding: $100+ million investment from the top investors in Silicon Valley and $200M in investments for its users.
  • Users: 10,000+ diehard users
  • Developers: 25+ developers creating apps on top of BitClout
  • Celebrities: Many celebrities on the platform (Logan Paul, Bella Thorne, Ashton Kutcher, Steve Aoki, Scott Disick, Pamela Anderson, Paul Logan, Joe Rogan, Jake Paul, and Diplo)

What BitClout was able to do is capture the hearts and minds of a lot of great creators, and contributors that are dedicating their lives and giving the project their love and full undivided attention and 110%. They are raving fans. We were some of those raving fans especially initially, as we were learning.  

But after seeing the pivots, setbacks, challenges, and what we feel were lack of transparency, lapse in ethics, as well as many bad actors attracted by quick gains. Most importantly the system design at least to us was  to spread, addict, and optimize for time on site and coin price, and leaderboard placement.

We want to educate people about the benefits of blockchain projects, as well as dangers of those same products.

Lebowski Theorem by Joscha Bach
"No super - Intelligent system is going to do anything that is harder than hacking it’s reward function"